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Consignment Services

If you have items that are valued at $100 or more we can sell them on consignment for you. 

We  operate as an online  storefront utilizing several online marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, ETSY and several others.

  • First we come to you and conduct a free assessment of the items you would like to sell. 
  • Then we do all of the photography, research, pricing, listing & shipping.  Finally we send your payment to you less our commission.
  • Finally we send your payment via check, ETF, PayPal, or Venmo.

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Liquidation & Buyouts

If you have a home, storage unit, personal collection, or business supplies and inventory that you need sell fast we make you a cash offer.

  • First we come to you and conduct a free assessment/inventory of what you have to sell.
  • Then we carefully calculate an on the spot cash offer for the items you need to sell.
  • Finally if you agree to our offer we take immediate possession of your items, carefully remove them and store them until we can sell them online. 

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In some cases the items you have to sell may not valuable enough to be sold on consignment so in these cases we can separate the items that are to be sold on consignment and the rest of it we can make you a cash offer on.

Not only do we believe we can get you more money than our competition but, we also always strive to provide value in every person we meet and with every transaction we make. With over 15 years of online and in person sales and client relationship experience our goal is to work together to create a mutually beneficial relationship with you and work together to get you the most for what you have to sell.

Consignment Process


The first thing we need to do is setup a time to talk to you about the items you have to sell. We will do some light research to determine approximately what your items could sell for. If you agree, then we inventory your items and complete a consignor agreement form together and we start going to work for you immediately.


With all the websites and platforms to sell online today its important to know where and how to place certain items for sale to achieve a timely and successful sale. We take the time to analyze prior sales history for every item and complete a detailed informative listing with high quality professional photos for every item we sell for you.


If you have ever sold anything online you are probably familiar with the lousy communication and low balling that takes place. We take care of all communication and negotiating with potential buyers. You can track the progress and status of all your items from your personal client portal.


Not everything that is posted for sale sells right away. Especially for high dollar and rare items it may take some time for the right buyer to come along. We carefully and securely store your items until they are sold. Once they sell, we have all the necessary packaging supplies to get your item to its buyer quickly and damage free.

Money in/Money out

Depending on the platform used to sell your items we are responsible for collecting the funds and shipping costs for your items from the buyer. We then calculate our commission fees that primarily depending on the value of your items and the platform we utilize to sell it. We then send your funds to you by check, ETF, PayPal, or Venmo. 


The most important thing in sales is trust. This is by far our primary objective with every client and every transaction. We will work closely with you and potential buyers and value your feedback as well as our reputation in providing outstanding salesmanship and relationship building.


 Depending on the final selling price and other factor, the fees we charge you can vary from 20% to 45%.

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